The Prachodana staff and volunteers have witnessed several instances of pain and suffering of the sick and people dying on the streets. Our first attempt was to rehabilitate them in a healthy atmosphere where they can be cared for. This dream has turned into realty with the inauguration of Shanti Ashram. Shanti Ashram is located in Jasola Vihar, New Delhi and is a home for nearly 15 sick, old age and destitute people who were living a miserable life without any hope on the streets without getting any help or assistance from anyone in the society. Shanti Ashram provides them with food, clothing, medicine and medical care. During their stay, we try to identify their families and try rehabilitating them with their families. Those who have no families of their own will continue to stay in the Ashram. In near future Shanti Ashram will have to acquire a land and build an infrastructure for its productive functioning and to provide the inmates with a decent healthy accommodation.