Prachodana the Social Service Society is spread across 23 areas under Diocese of Gurgaon and extends its helping hands to the needful. During his pastoral visits to these areas H.E Bishop Jacob Mar Barnabas noticed that many young children in these areas do not have an opportunity for education. His Excellency thought over it and prayed over this intention as he strongly believed that education help children to be self-dependent provide a good direction of thoughts and it imports children with skills to be successful in their lives. Getting inspired by the work of a Canadian base foundation titled Save a Family he started the Project of “Send a Child to the school”. Through this project we help around 150 children across these 23 areas in getting their education till 12th standard. We spend Rs.15000 per child per year for their schooling expenses. We thankfully receive the sponsorship from around 140 well-wishers to run this program successfully and become a part of creating a bright future for these children.