Food for Hungry, the first and the most substantial project undertaken by Prachodana Social Service Society (PSSS) under the diocese of Gudgavu as a blessing for locality. Most Rev.Bishop Jacob Mar Bernabas had the inceptive thought about feeding the hungry. Unfortunately, the project did not get its momentum to be full-fledged that time. However, Bishop Bernabas with his strong desire, commitment and intense prayers overcame many obstacles and pioneered this dream project in 2010 to feed the hundreds of poor and disabled people. The project kick started by feeding 35 hungry stomachs and the food was prepared from the Bishop’s house kitchen itself. Today when we stand in 2010 the project successfully went a long way and has almost more than 150 volunteers from different religions and social back ground working for this noble call. This project has been a blessing by serving food almost in a daily basis for around 800-1000 hungry people across many areas of Delhi especially in the streets and slums under the National Capital Region.